Heard from the slush pile…

So while Kate, the Minion, and I were sitting around the other night we got to giggling about the slush pile. And whilst that sounds really dis-respectful, it’s a little less so since most of our giggling was about the faces we make and the things we say while we’re reading.

The end result of this giggle-fest is this page, where I shall treat you to some of the pithy phrases we’ve spilled out while up to our armpits in the slush.

“Oh my gees, put down the thesaurus and step away!” –The Minion

Minion: “There are Paragraphs, but…”
Jules: “No. Paragraphs don’t get a ‘but.’ If paragraphs need a ‘but’ they’re not done right.”

“No, ignore the historical inaccuracy, there was totally an X then.”
–and really for this one you can pick a thing. Misogyny, western bias, rape culture, we’ve seen it all.

Don’t worry, I’m keeping a list. As more of these come up, I’ll share them.

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