Things of Thingness

Shhh, I’m sneaking on and doing a post. This summer has kicked my butt but good.

So, updates first. This weekend come see us at VA Comic Con in Richmond! And if you haven’t checked it out yet, go look at Romancing the Rainbow on the By Passion Shorn site. We’ve got three colors of the rainbow live for your reading pleasure.

All right. Now that all of that’s out of the way.

*awkward silence and cricket noises*

So. Um. How’s your summer been?

Mine’s been a complete desert. Between family and travel and life in general I haven’t managed to even really think about anything relating to work. Which makes it sound like this summer has been nothing but fun in the sun by the pool right?

Yeah, we can totally hang out in that corner of Makebelieve Land for a while, while I ramble on until I come up with some kind of five-point list that counts as content for tonight, right?

5 Things of Thingness I Learned From This Summer:
1) Inkitt is probably the coolest thing I’ve found in a while no one else seems to be using. You should all get on that.
2) The world is vast and spectacular and horrible and tiny all at the same time. And purpose built to suck the legs out from under you creatively. It’s good to develop a battle plan. It’s better if it involves lightsabers and high-grade explosives.
3) Deadlines are marvelous. They make the most amazing noises as you ignore them and they explode all over your life.
4) New scary things are new and scary, even when they’re not actually new. Pick one and jump, lemming. That’s an order.
5) On a somewhat personal note, it’s important to remember one is a writer and not, say, a personal organizer, journalist, hog rustler, chef, agony aunt, or anything else the world expects you to do. It is, occasionally, important not to think of all the shit and just write.

I’m going to go do that now. Presumably the universe will hold without me for a bit.

And come see me Saturday!

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