Random Randomness From the Land of Random

I’m doing a contest this week, and trying to squeeze as much work as I can into the little one’s week of summer camp, so today you’re just getting a bunch of random thoughts.

About the E L James Twitter Debacle:
This is possibly the least shocking thing to happen on the internet in forever. Individuals in the public eye who cannot take criticism have no business doing these kind of things. Seriously. Everyone is surprised it turned into, as Chuck Wendig put it, “a human garbage fire” and they really shouldn’t be. I recall years ago her being all bullying and angry at people at a writing conference calling her self-published. Clearly no one involved with any of that is paying attention to anyone but her staunch fans. That’s a recipe for trouble.

About the world at Large:
So much YAY and so much WTF all wrapped into one week. But added to my Yay? I love the SCOTUS decision about marriage equality, but I also love that they’ve just decided Arizona can create an independent commission to assign districting. Which means the legislature doesn’t get to choose the voters, instead of the other way around. This is good. Hopefully this is wonderful.

In the WTF column I will remind everyone Facebook lets you unfollow your racist uncle’s posts without actually unfriending him and causing family turmoil. Or, as is your right, take a week to joyously poke the trolls. They deserve it once in a while, and so do you. Just try to keep it civil.

And lastly, from the slush pile, our editors kindly remind everyone to read the submission guidelines carefully and please make every effort to adhere to them. Or we will cut you.

Okay, we’re not allowed sharp objects anymore. The cutting is metaphorical and looks a lot like us unceremoniously dumping you in the Reject file.

Alright, stop back by Thursday where I’ll extol myself to write something relevant here.

One thought on “Random Randomness From the Land of Random

  1. Kate says:

    *woohooo* Randomness.

    Wait. People were surprised by the EL James thing? Are they new to the internet? Do they not remember the self-pub debacle? I… wow.

    Rainbows and voting districts and fair housing acts! Let’s all dance and warm our marshmallows on the fevered brows of the Tea Party conservatives.

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