Random Thoughts on Speaking and a Question

I’m actually going to start with the question. Do you listen to audiobooks? Give me a quick yes/no in the comments and let me know what you like best/hate the most about them.

The thing is, I’ve been thinking of doing short podcasts of my flash fiction. (The ones that are openly available on my blog.) Possibly even doing an audio book of Cherry Blossom Express. (Next year. Maybe. When I finally feel enough distance from it.) I have the equipment.

I’ve even done reading for audiobooks before. (I’m a LibriVox volunteer. LibriVox creates audio books of public domain books. Surprisingly, I have not done a read of Alice in Wonderland yet. Things to put onto my to do list.)

Would people be interested? Do people actually listen to short readings? Would it be better to group them together into flash-story packs? Five different flash stories in one recording? I don’t know, I’m just riffing at this point.

Random thoughts also: haul videos on YouTube. Are you addicted? Fashion Hauls, Toy Hauls, etc? For me, it would probably be random Alice in Wonderland collectables hauls.

Anyway, let me know what your thoughts on the matter are.

About Kate

I'm in my late 30's, living in the DC Metro area. I'm an author, a reader, a businesswoman, an investor, and an avid Alice in Wonderland fan. Occasionally, I have outrageous fits of productivity....

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Speaking and a Question

  1. J M Beal says:

    Yes to all. Ashley and I were talking about doing YouTube story time with book 1 before book 2 comes out.

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