So you want to see the cherry blossoms

The cherry blossoms in the Nation’s Capital are famous. They’re an intense tourist draw and signal the start of our tourist season.

They’re also a symbol of friendship between the US and Japan from the 20’s. That’s right. The trees are almost 100 years old. That’s pretty impressive for a country that loves *new* more than anything.

You can find more information here on activities and directions.

But, I will tell you, one of the best ways to get around in DC is the DC Metro system. (That’s our subway.) Unlike the New York Subways, the DC Metro system is somewhat logical. It’s even fairly well signed. There are a few things you should know as a tourist though.

1. This is one of the most important: Stand Right, Walk Left. If I could make that blink, I would. If you do not want to walk while you are on the escalator, stand to the right and leave enough room for someone to walk by you, if possible. That means put the kid on the step in front of you. Hold your bag out of the way. And be aware that there will likely be someone running or jogging by you while you’re on the escalator. This is true anywhere in the capitol that has an escalator.

2. You will want walking shoes or sneakers. There is a lot of ground to cover and you will need to walk. Even if you drive and attempt to find a parking place. (Seriously, don’t unless it is completely necessary. Public transportation is your friend.) You will need to walk.

3. The museums have pretty good food. If you’re looking for someplace to eat along the Mall, look for a museum. Many of them have cafes. I especially recommend the Natural History and Native American museums for food.

4. Bring something to read on the bus or the Metro. The Metro is a bastion of readers — newspapers, e-readers, books — it doesn’t matter. In fact… you could bring along our great new journal Deep Waters.  It’s got short stories, fits on your phone, and only costs 5.99. How can you go wrong?  (Subtle eh?)

5. Have fun, but don’t be a dick. Pick up your trash and put it in the bin. Don’t stand at the top of the elevator or in the doors. Don’t pick the cherry blossoms off of the 100 year old trees. Be respectful of the people around you and we’ll be pretty nice.

Bonus: 6. Don’t wear white socks with your sandals. Don’t wear black socks with your sandals. In fact, if you need to wear socks, don’t wear sandals. 


About Kate

I'm in my late 30's, living in the DC Metro area. I'm an author, a reader, a businesswoman, an investor, and an avid Alice in Wonderland fan. Occasionally, I have outrageous fits of productivity....

2 thoughts on “So you want to see the cherry blossoms

  1. Briane Pagel says:

    I remember when we went on vacation to DC; I wanted to take my wife there because I’d gone there as a student. I showed her all my favorite places from my internship. WE WALKED ABOUT 10 ZILLION MILES. Seriously. I couldn’t walk anymore.

    The metro escalators are amazing. There’s that one that’s like 3 stories tall. I loved riding it.

    • Kate says:

      You’ll have to come back and see it again!

      As my mother has been known to say, “Why don’t we go on vacations where we don’t spend the entire time walking?”

      The escalator to heaven… Red line… um… National Zoo stop, I think. It’s amazing. It really makes you appreciate the depth of the system.

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