Step Right Up!

Today, on The Art of Procrastination, you get a front row seat to the strange, quasi-nutzoid stuff I find when I’m trawlying the internets pretending to work. Everything after the line is cross-posted from Words and Wanderings. Enjoy.

And come back Thursday, where we’ll talk about world building when it goes right.

What’s the worst that could happen…

Friends! I bring you glad tidings from the future! No longer must you go without liquor on your adventures hiking the Appalachian Trail naked with your Argentinan mistress! No longer must you forgo the joys of intoxication simply because they check your water at the stadium entrance!
Behold, the bright and glorious future you have been promised! Tell your congressmen today that you object to their needless special interest politics that favors big business alcohol producers of new innovation. Get your own Palcohol today!
Okay, so I”m kind of being a shit. I’m not sure why I need powdered alcohol in my life…but I don’t actually need anything resembling an iWatch either so clearly my need isn’t what is driving most of the marketplace we live in.

Still, I have one critique for the people behind Palcohol. It’s totes cool bro, that sounds fun. But I think maybe the statement that the government doesn’t like you because big alcohol doesn’t like you is a little short sighted. Stop and think very carefully about your product and then tell me it’s not just a skosh more dangerous than the big bottles of liquid stuff I can’t sneak into a place in my pocket. Tell me honestly at least one of your developers hasn’t gone “hm, I wonder what happens if I just eat the powder” and then gotten really sick.


And in unrelated book news, I’m part of The Romance Review Anniversary Contest, starting today!

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