The Jedi Mind Trick–The Art of the Short Deadline


Cover art just makes everything more real, doesn’t it? Up there is the shiny, new ‘temporary’ cover for The Fandom Universe: A Galaxy Far Far Away. I’m sure you have questions. I probably have answers. It’s a match made in heaven, right?

Why is it a ‘temporary’ cover?
Because ideally we’d love for someone to submit us cover artwork. This is a publication all about Fandom, and while our layout department is super excited about this project, they aren’t the fans we’re looking for.

So that’s for fanfic and stuff, right?
Nyet. The Fandom Universe is a whole series of works about Fandom. If you want a full accounting of what we’re looking for, check us out here. The short answer to ‘what do you take’ is we take essays, poetry, and artwork about life in Fandom. This does include fiction, but not fanfic. If you’re confused you can always ask. We’re happy to answer questions about submission practices of all stripes.

Does it pay?
The Fandom Universe pays one special, numbered print copy per contributor. For A Galaxy Far Far Away the only other way to get one of those is to come buy one from us at AwesomeCon in May!

So what’s the Jedi Mind Trick?
Because we’re aiming to hit digital shelves on May the 4th, 2015 (it’s a fan thing, shush) our deadline for contributions is a little on the shorter side–April 4th. Two months is plenty of time (I’m doing the Obi-Wan thing, you’ll just have to trust me).

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