A writer I know suggested, when I was wondering around looking for something to write about for today, that I talk about Ellora’s Cave. And initially I was a little reluctant, for reasons. Not the least of which being there’s a whole lot of…not-logical going around with that.

But I’ve been willing in the past to tackle some really strange and sort of controversial topics, so I might as well grab this one.

I’m not going to talk about the whole…situation where literally everything I have ever heard about Ellora’s Cave has been about how it’s circling the porcelain throne. I will mention you probably don’t have to go looking far, especially in the romance writing community, to hear all the gory details. They are many and varied.

The prevalent point at this moment, at least to me, is the gargantuan number of writers who are fleeing like rats from a burning ship. I’m interested to see what’s going to happen, to the erotica and erotic romance market in the ripples from that. There’s no question that Ellora’s Cave is a behemoth in the publishing industry. And the fact there are so many writers who are fighting so hard to get their rights and their work back from a publisher they no longer want to have to deal with.

That’s an insane thing to happen in a relatively insular market. It’s going to cast some kind of long-reaching shadow. And for so many authors, both those just joining the business and those who are fighting so hard to get their rights back from Ellora’s Cave and other publishers.

I don’t have answers for any of that. Just more questions.

And a note, if you happen to be one of those people who’s just got their rights back, Golden Fleece Press will be launching an Erotica and Erotic Romance line in February…

One thought on “Spelunking

  1. Kate says:

    Oh, the crazy around Ellora’s Cave is just amazing.

    I’ve got popcorn and crunchies. (But not those nasty ranch corn chips. Those are just nasty.)

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