I love the sound of deadlines whipping by

So, I seem to have completely missed my week.


Please note the clever use of dating on this post. I can imagine that I actually published it on the 23rd of November, not the first of December. I can pretend that I didn’t listen to the howling of the deadline as it passed me by.

Deadlines. Gods, I hate deadlines.

Love ’em too. They make me work. (See why I hate them? I’m lazy.)

We were supposed to have my book (Cherry Blossom Express) available on all formats and in shops. Well, there were file issues. So, the launch happened when it was supposed to on Amazon. (Do not even speak to me about how hard it is for me to say positive things about Amazon. Amazon is no one’s friend. But Bezos is a marketing and business God. Not the Oracle of Omaha by any stretch, but he is brilliant none-the-less.) It happened on our website. (Where you can get all of the formats you need. *hint* *hint*)

It did not happen with the major distributor who was going to make it available for bookshops and worldwide distribution, including Barnes and Nobel.

In fact it still hasn’t happened.

Right now, I’m hoping that it manages to actually happen a month later than it was supposed to.

Needless to say my marketing has been a *tiny* bit hamstrung by the fact that you can’t get it in most stores yet. Time for more hand-selling.

I’m also supposed to have 2 edits back to their authors this week. (Last week, this week… all the same right?)

So, I should be doing that, not trying to catch up on my blogging.

At least I’m in the right place for procrastination.

About Kate

I'm in my late 30's, living in the DC Metro area. I'm an author, a reader, a businesswoman, an investor, and an avid Alice in Wonderland fan. Occasionally, I have outrageous fits of productivity....

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