Please ignore the dancing woman behind the curtain…

cbe copies


Look at those beautiful little babies up there. I’m so proud of them (sniff sniff).

As an addendum to my last post, I have bested the gargantuan beast that is file creation. I am, again, the all conquering hero and lo, for generations we shall sing songs of tribute to my ample magics–

Okay. It got a little away from me. Whatever. I’m having one of those days where I feel unusually accomplished. It’ll pass when the system finds a way to kick something back at me. At this stage I can’t tell if I’m trigger-shy or paranoid, but they were both bound to happen sometime.

I was trying to come up with something to say about the publishing business (we used to talk about that here, I feel like that was a long time ago) but I suppose we’ve reached the stage where I’m too busy doing to talk much.

I do have something interesting and anecdotal to say about book marketing though. I was at a local unnamed bookstore today, doing a little pre-holiday shopping, and they had these lovely illustrated classics. Now they’re abridged, and cheap copies of books that are so far out of print it’s laughable. Still, they were cute and I got some for my son. The Three Musketeers, Robin Hood, Treasure Island. And then I walked around the table and blinked at the girls books for a minute. Heidi–alright, I can see that. Alice in Wonderland–alright, still a girl as the mc. The Wizard of Oz–okay, wait a minute. Sure, Dorothy’s a girl. How does that make that a girl book? And the more I stared at their display the more it bothered me. What do we take away from reading pools when we separate girl books and boy books? Are we saying Gulliver’s Travels has a different appeal than The Wizard of Oz just because the ‘main character’ is a guy? Are we really that shallow?

I suspect, sadly, that the short answer is yes. We are that shallow. Dorothy is a girl and she wears sparkly shoes and that, therefore, makes it a girl book.

I bought the Wizard of Oz anyway, I don’t care what color they make the cover, my kid can read whatever he wants to read.

End rant, and slightly off-topic post. If you haven’t done it yet you should totally order a copy of Cherry Blossom Express. If you leave a note on your order form Kate will even autograph it for you!


One thought on “Please ignore the dancing woman behind the curtain…

  1. Kate says:

    I personally think that gendering of toys and books is probably the stupidest thing in the world.

    I played with toy cars as a kid. I also played with dolls.

    There is no reason for separating books into boy books and girl books, but we do. Heck, we even do it with genres and within genres.

    Westerns are the “male” version of “women’s” romance books. (I dare ya. Read a western and tell me I’m wrong.)

    Cozy mysteries skew “female” while police procedural skew “male.”

    Does that mean we actually market in that direction? No. It makes no difference.

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