Trying to do anything in the first week of Nano is a fool’s errand.

You would think, after a decade, I would have learned that. That I’d have pre-written all my blog posts for the first week, and made sure all my other little duckies were in a row.

I’m sure more than a few of you have learned better of me by this point (author points negligently to the blog title hanging out up there above the text).

This week my contributions to this blog are going to be a little squished together, because I’m picky and I’ve said two posts a week and I’ll manage two posts a week. Really. I will. I’ll even manage two posts a week without one of them being a rehash of a pep-talk I wrote for Nano years ago (mostly because all the ones I could find on my system were from the last couple of years, which means they’re too new to be throwing out there again).

The thing that kills you about publishing deadlines is all the things you don’t expect.

I know how strange that sounds. If I’d expected them it wouldn’t have been extra hard-ship, right?

But that’s what it’s been, in my little corner of the publishing business the last couple of weeks. It’s a lot of determinedly reformatting things so they look right, even though it takes me 5 hours and makes me seriously consider just starting over from scratch. It’s a lot of internal head-butting over edits (because I’m not just a publisher and I’ve got more balls in the air than is strictly sane or advisable). It’s a lot of figuring out how to expand our layout department without drowning anyone. Figuratively or Literally. Or both.

I’m developing a chant. I think I might ask someone to carve it on my tombstone, when they erect the white marble shrine.

Forethought is for losers. Just do.

That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. And it’s very much a NaNoWriMo kind of motto, so there’s that too.


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