Some days it’s just another four letter word.

I’m out of serious blog topics for now, and today the entire concept of work is just another four letter word. So instead I’m going to give you my top five ways to procrastinate.

1) Reading comments on the internet.
I wouldn’t suggest this. It’s basically like digitized crack. I know better, I really do, but I just keep doing it.

2) Pinterest.
Fandom. Funnies. Octopi wearing top-hats. What’s not to love?

3)Anything on Netflix.
I have an unreasonable crush on Shelby Foote. This might have come up before.

I am a master at fiber-themed work avoidance, and I have the pictures to prove it. I’m thinking of making this next.

I know, that seems strange doesn’t it. I’m talking about the things I do to avoid work, and there’s work. I’d claim this as a talent, but I think all writers are probably adept at this. It’s when you clean your entire house, repaint your gutters, and plan a ten stop blog tour rather than doing the chapter of edits you agreed to do for the day.

I should get back to that, I’m halfway through the gutters.

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