Blow the ballast, here we go!

So over on my normal blog, I talk about Science-Fiction on Fridays and originally at the start of the week I was going to do that here too this Friday. Maybe find something interesting to talk about in regard to what it takes to get into the SFWA, or something else that tied it to publishing.

But midnight starts the annual 3-day Novel Challenge. I’m taking the weekend off from being a publisher. Until midnight on Monday I’m just a writer. I like to talk about writing. And cheese. And occasionally sheep.

Someday on here I’ll go into the whole story of why we’re called Golden Fleece Press. Or maybe Kate will. One of us will happily drag you into the fabled land of crazy with us eventually, don’t worry. When we do, why I’ve mentioned sheep when I’m going to talk about World Builder’s Disease will suddenly, miraculously, make sense. You’re welcome.

I have fully realized, type A, un-treatable World Builders Disease. Like it needs a national day of recognition, it’s so bad. So I should understand the impetus to draw a map of your fantasy kingdom, or tell me the full five-generational family tree of your main character. I should have gobbled up those pages of genetic coding in Jurassic Park, instead of skimming past them to get back to the swimming T-Rex.

But I don’t, and I didn’t. I lose patience incredibly quickly with information I don’t need.

You think the next thing I say is going to be that you shouldn’t do all that, don’t you?

Not in a million years. Because that highly-detailed, rich background world hiding in your notebook will leak onto the page in a million other places. In places I want it, because it keeps your world and your characters from being weak card-board cut-outs. So watercolor a full topographical map of your kingdom. Figure out the exact science of gene-splicing your frog-bat. Determine exactly how Frank Idiot the Third is directly related to the Holy Roman Emperor.

Just only tell me the stuff I actually need to know.

This super short post is brought to you by the fact it is 11:28 and I’m already itching to dive into creating a pin-board of visual inspiration I shouldn’t have time to look at this weekend.

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