Quid Pro Quo

Ha. Ha ha ha ha. I have officially learned to embed things in WordPress. Tremble before me, legless mortals.

There’s something unbelievably difficult about having to ask for help. It’s something we do the absolutely best to beat–figuratively–out of small children. We focus so much on teaching them to stand on their own feet, to learn to do all the things they need to do all by themselves, that it never occurs to us that they might someday need to ask for help without utterly harpooning their self-esteem.

But today I’m asking for help. Help us pass the word around. Re-press this, or share it on Twitter or Facebook. Talk about it at your reading group, or when you sit down for coffee with that friend who’s got three grade-school kids. And then, next time it comes up, ask us for help.

*wonders off signing the beginning of Circle of Life*

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