97% to go

Our Kickstarter went live last night.

I would embed it right here, but it won’t let me. So you’ll have to make do with the link. (If someone happens to have a suggestion for doing this, please do let me know)

HalloWEEn Tales Vol 1 by Golden Fleece Press

And aside from a serious amount of respect for the six or seven businesses that leapt on us like a rotting carcass on the Serengeti, it’s been mostly quiet panic in the corners. There are all sorts of things I could talk about with this experience. The joy of doing sock-puppets after too much caffeine and too little sleep. The sudden hiccups of certain internet bodies wanting your great-grandmother’s address and your first born child as proof you actually exist.

But I haven’t been home in nearly five days–for longer than I get to sleep–and it’s beautiful lounging weather tonight, so I’m going to get back to it. The puppets up there have everything of sense I’ve got to say.

Also, we’ve been live for a day and we’re at 3%. I’m a little afraid to do the math there.

One thought on “97% to go

  1. Nicole says:

    Don’t stress too much about the 3%. I know of kickstarters who didn’t even get a single hit. (Plus I haven’t done my pledge yet. ).
    Also, I love the sock puppets 🙂

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