New Projects, Old Projects, and Blue …erm…

The wonderful blush of new projects is always thrilling. We’ve decided to add another journal. (Still a secret as to what it is going to be.) Isn’t that great news? For writers it is. For our sanity, maybe not.

We’re setting up a Kickstarter for Wee Tales this weekend, so you’ll probably see something about that pop up here.

We’ve got a Patreon page now. You can support us, or find other artists, musicians or creators you love there. You can give a donation of a $1/month or more to someone who’s work you want to support. (And get some nifty benefits from it as well.)

We’ve got Wee Tales and Refractions fairly well handled at this point. At least in terms of finding content. We still need kid friendly/teen friendly art, so spread the word.

We’re starting to ramp up submission guidelines for our anthology series Fandom Universe. The first installment is going to be about Harry Potter. So, pick up those quills, Potterheads, and tell us what the series means to you. When did you read it? What has it done for you? Did you play college Quidditch? Enquiring minds want to know.

We’re chipping away at the slush pile. Right now I’m sure we’ve got an excellent turn-around time. How that’s going to look when we actually go into production, that’s another thing.

We haven’t found a good novel or series of novels from outside of our immediate circle yet. That doesn’t mean the novels we’ve received are bad, just that they’re not good for us. We need to be passionate about the work so that we can get it off the ground and give it wings. When we’re sort of “meh it might sell” we have to walk away.

As for the blue projects? Heh… those come in February when we open our erotica line.

About Kate

I'm in my late 30's, living in the DC Metro area. I'm an author, a reader, a businesswoman, an investor, and an avid Alice in Wonderland fan. Occasionally, I have outrageous fits of productivity....

4 thoughts on “New Projects, Old Projects, and Blue …erm…

  1. J M Beal says:

    Snowballs, snowballs everywhere!

    It’s going to be an insane fall, that’s for sure. I’m braced for the ride though…

  2. Ash says:

    February is going to be so fun.

    • Kate says:

      It will be. LOL. Thought, I’m sort of frightened about what sort of subs, erm submissions we’ll be getting in for By Passion Shorn.

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