To Whom it May Concern…



In the last two days I have painstakingly hashed out and written a contract, written two press releases, designed a logo for somebody else’s business, dealt with people who take their children out and about for funsies at one in the morning, and slept for about six hours.

The list of things I haven’t done includes my dishes, my grocery shopping, my personal Sci-Fi Friday blog post that’s probably going to happen on Sunday if I’m lucky, and the edits pecking away at my personal to-do list like the ravening vultures they are becoming.

Stay tuned for next week’s exciting update about the life of a soon to be publishing executive. I have every intention of making my business partner write it.


Picture from here under this license.

One thought on “To Whom it May Concern…

  1. wedschild says:

    Cruel, cruel woman.

    Yes, I’ll write the post. And my body keeps asking me why I’m putting so much caffeine into it….

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