Sheep on the Loose

I’m not quite sure how to start this post. Do I explain how a random conversation with a friend turned into a publishing business? Do I talk about how giant and daunting that is, once you’re past the shiny new logo and the initial zest of creation?

Do I admit this blog is springing into creation because I’m supposed to be looking at contract language and writing submission guidelines?

There’s this axiom, in the new internet age, that tells people not to blog about writing. Because nobody but writers cares about that, and you’ll never get any readership. But this isn’t blogging about writing. This is blogging about starting a business, from the ground up. From the point where literally everything is written on scrounged notebook paper and held together with hope and stardust. 

I honestly dreamt about publishing rotas last night. 

So I’m starting this blog with a quiet little whimper, and the hope this slightly manic energy sticks around long enough to get this thing off the ground.

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